Yearbook Photo Submissions

Welcome to our Yearbook photo support page:  here is how you can get your great photos to us for possible use in this year’s yearbook!

The best way is to copy from your digital camera (or the memory stick) directly to the Yearbook website (if you are on our Yearbook staff) or to the  Josten’s website for Replayit Private Photo submissions for St. John Brebeuf at 

with a signin code number that you can get from me, Mr. Calzavara. Then you can select files to upload from your computer, or directly out of the camera if it is attached to your computer. After it gets your file info,  it will ask for contact information (which we can also use to give credit to you for your great shots) and an email address. There is then also a spot to ‘caption’,  identify those in the picture, and their grade. Your best guess is good enough. The last part is the ‘terms and conditions’ checkbox. Our staff will then determine if the picture can be used in the book.

Photo tips : get close up rather than zooming in, use a flash (even outdoors !) try for less posed, more action shots (be sure to ask coaches’ permission, and don’t get in the way!)

Photos can also be emailed to me at  

Warning: Photos from smart phones are trickier – if you email it to me, specify the largest size possible or we may not be able to use it in the best way – we cannot blow up the small versions very much, and your great shot may not be printable at larger than postage-stamp size!


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