Social Studies 8 (Miss Fader)

Welcome to Social Studies 8!

Thursday Oct. 12th

Students worked on their projects today in class. Each student had to hand in an outline showing 3 causes, 3 facts on their event, and 3 consequences. We started using Google Classroom today and starting next week will no longer be uploading to the school website but will solely be working through Google Classroom. Students need to access it through their St. John Brebeuf username for ChromeBooks.

Our class code is: 56aye2r

Wednesday Oct. 11th

Today students wrote their quiz in class. We then took time to discuss our unit project. We will work on this on Thursday and Friday in class.

Project Outline: Summative Assessment Outline

Tuesday Oct. 10th

Today we finished our notes on the Magna Carta. Then we played Jeopardy as a way to review for the quiz. Good luck tomorrow!

Friday Oct. 6th

Today we looked at what caused the Magna Carta to be signed by King John I. Students also participated in a “King John Decision Game” to see how many crowns they were able to keep before having to sign the Magna Carta. Happy Thanksgiving!

PowerPoint: 8. Royal Power & Democracy_teacher

Thursday Oct. 5th

Today students looked at the cause and consequences of the Black Plague. We also set aside some time to practice making cue cards as a possible study skill.

PowerPoint: 7. BlackDeath

Wednesday Oct. 4th

Today students were able to explore the trial of Joan of Arc in a Critical Challenge and examine the positive and negative arguments for Joan at that time in history.

Tuesday Oct. 3rd

Today students were given a quiz outline for our quiz next Wednesday. We also began the 100 Years War notes.

PowerPoint Slides: 6. The Hundred Years’ War_teacher

Quiz Outline: Unit 2 Quiz Outline

Monday Oct. 2nd

Today we discussed the causes and consequences of the Crusades after engaging in a little paper toss experiment.

PowerPoint Slides: 5. The Crusades

Friday September 29th

Today we compared Knights and Samurai. Students also broke into groups and did a placemat activity on different aspects of the Samurai armour, and weapons.

PowerPoint Slides: 4. Knights vs. Samurai

Thursday September 28th

Today students got to play the Feudalism game!

Wednesday September 27th

Today we examined the Feudal system in Japan in comparison to the European system!

PowerPoint Slides: 2. Feudal Japan

Student Notes: Feudal Japan Note Page

Tuesday September 26th

Today students had time to finish their Coat of Arms and recap feudalism in Europe before we begin Japan tomorrow.

Monday September 25th

We began Unit 2 today. Students took notes on the Feudal System in Europe and discussed the difference between the Vassal’s Oath of Allegiance and the Canadian Oath of Allegiance. 

Unit 2 Outline: Student Unit Outline

PowerPoint Slides: 1. Life and Times During Medieval Europe

Student Note Page: Life and Times Student Note Page

Oath Comparison: Oath Comparison

Friday September 22nd

Students were given one more day in class to work on their project. Project is due Monday.

Thursday September 21st

Students were given the day in class to work on their map projects. 

Map Project Criteria: Summative Assessment Criteria

Breakdown of Steps for Project: Outline Assessment

Wednesday September 20th

Students wrote their quiz. We then used atlases to fill in a map of the Carolingian Empire.

Tuesday September 19th

Today we signed up for our current events. We also discussed the causes and consequences of the collapse of empires. We did one example in class. We also played with dominos! And then students had time to review for the quiz tomorrow.

PowerPoint Slides: 7. Causes and Consequences of Collapse

Current Event Calendar (so far): Current Event Sign Up

Monday September 18th

Today students worked on their Viking story and we discussed the causes and consequences of Charlemagne’s empire. Students were also shown an example of a Current Event and given the criteria sheet for it. Students must sign up for a current event!

PowerPoint Slides: 6. Causes and Consequences of Spread of Empire

Current Event Criteria: Current Event SS8

Friday September 15th

Happy Friday everyone! Today in class we talked about Vikings and translated an Icelandic Rune Poem. I also handed out an outline for our quiz on Wednesday.

Icelandic Rune Poem: Viking Rune Poem

PowerPoint Slides: 5. Sources about Vikings

Student Notes: Student Notes Sources on Vikings

Quiz Outline: Unit 1 Quiz Outline

Thursday September 14th

Today we spent some time finishing our mosaic and then finished our notes on the spread of Islam. We then moved on to talking about the transition from the Han to Tang Dynasty in ancient China.

PowerPoint Slides: 4. Han to Tang

Student Notes: Student Notes Han to Tang

Wednesday September 13th

Today we learned the story of Mohammed and talked about the 5 Pillars of Islam. We spent the rest of class experimenting with making our own Mosaic!

*Note: Current Events will not happen for students until Monday September 18th. I will do a sample on this Monday and then students will chose a date for their own presentation.

PowerPoint Slides: 3. Five PIllars of Islam – Spread of Islam

Student Notes: Five Pillars Note Page

Monday September 10th and Tuesday September 11th


Friday September 8th

Today we discussed transportation in ancient civilizations! Students got to make their own Viking boats!

Transportation PowerPoint Slides: 2. Transportation – Vikings & Camels

Student Note Page: 2. Transportation Student Notes

Crash Course Video Answers: Crash Course Silk Road Video As

No class Monday and Tuesday as we’ll all be at Gr. 8 camp!

Thursday September 7th

Today students spent a lot of time looking and talking about maps! We also handed out a Unit 1 Outline. We examined the 5 Themes of Geography in a PowerPoint. They also had fun playing “Five Corners of Geography” around the room!

Unit 1 Outline: Student Unit 1 Overview

Five Themes of Geography PowerPoint: 1. Five Themes of Geography

Wednesday September 6th

Today we explored the 4 Big Ideas of Social Studies 8 (pictured below). We also went over the course outline. Students must return the email permission form! (attached below)

COURSE OUTLINE: SS8 Course Outline

Tuesday September 5th:

Happy first day of Grade 8! Today we introduced ourselves and took time to talk about what things we wanted to learn about SJB!