Social Studies 8 (Mr. Lavrik)

Welcome to the Social Studies 8 Course!

Students are encouraged to approach the topics studied with an inquisitive mindset and critical analysis of the past events. We have to study our past, identify our role as humans in present and only then will we be able to steer our direction towards the future.

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Current Events Report Gr 8

Current Events Rubric

Sept 5 – 8, Sept 11 – 15

Maps – Teacher

5 themes of Geography

The Age of Exploration

Geography Review

Dream Vacation Poster

Sept 18 – 22

What is a Civilization Teacher

8 Features of Civilization

Sept 25 – 29


Ancient Civilization Project_assessment_sheet

Oct 02 – 06

Early Middle Ages_1

EMA 2 (Franks) teacher

EMA 3 (Franks Charlemagne) teacher

EMA 4 (Anglo-Saxons) teacher

EMA 5 (Vikings) teacher

EMA 6 (Viking End) teacher

EMA 7 (Crusades) teacher


Oct 09 – 13

HMA 1 Feudalism teacher

HMA 2 Law and Order teacher

HMA 3 Life on the Manor teacher

Oct 16 – 20

HMA 4 The Development of Towns teacher

HMA 5 Royal Power & Democracy teacher

HMA 6 Crime and Punishment teacher