Social Studies 11 (Mr. Lavrik)


150 years in the life of a country isn’t that much when we look at the grand scheme of things. Nevertheless, Canada was able to grow strong and free in such a short time and provided refuge to millions of people in search for a new home. It has also proven to be one of the leading countries in the entire world on myriad of fronts. Let’s explore how it all happened so fast in the course of the 20th century alone.


Social Studies 11 Course Outline

Current Events Report

Current Events Rubric

Government and Politics


1 – The Political Spectrum PPT

2 – Structure of Government in Canada PPT

3 – In Depth Look at the Federal Legislative Branch PPT

4 – The Canadian Constitution & Canada’s Electoral System

5 – How Laws are Made PPT

6 – How can we influence government PPT

Political Ideology Assignment

Political Party Overview Project

Political Party Overview Project Parties List

02-Elections Canada Glossary 2012

12-Presentation Federal Elections in Canada (2015)

The Worlds Smallest Political Quiz

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (shorter version) the_political_spectrum

06-Great Canadian Elections Quiz 2012 – English

REVIEW – Government and Politics Unit Test


Canada’s emerging Identity 1896 – 1919

1 – Canada at the Turn of the 20th Century PPT

2 – WWI – How It All Began PPT

3 – The War Begins PPT

4 – The War – Land, Sea, and Air PPT

5 – War on the Home Front PPT

6 – The End of the War PPT

Paris Peace Conference _Readings FULL

Map 1914 blank      Map 1918 blank      Map EU before and after WWI

Canadian WWI Battles – Ypres (longer wtih aftermath section)

Canadian WWI Battles – The Somme (shorter)

Canadian WWI Battles – Vimy Ridge (longer with victoria cross recipients)

Canadian WWI Battles – Passchendaele (longer)

Canadian WWI Battles – Amiens

Canadian Battles of WWI Activity v2

Aboriginal contributions during the First World War – article

Aboriginal Peoples and the First World War Reading assignment

WWI Propaganda Assignment

Watching the movie Passchendaele (2008)

Passchendaele Movie Analysis Assignment

Unit 2 Test Review