Social Studies 10 (Miss Fader)

Welcome to Social Studies 10!

Thursday Oct. 12th

Today students spent the class discussing current events and reviewing for the quiz tomorrow.

Visual Timeline of WWI: VisualTimeline

Terms for Timeline: Timeline_terms

Wednesday Oct. 11th

Today students learned about the end of WWI. They were also given the outline for our Unit 2 project.

PowerPoint Notes: 7 – The End of the War PPT

Project Outline: Summative Assessment Criteria

Tuesday Oct. 10th

After finishing Wonder Woman, today we reviewed WWI concepts and content. Students were given a quiz outline. We also discussed the war on the Eastern Front. The Quiz will be on Friday. We also watched a Crash Course video (

Quiz Outline: Quiz Outline

PowerPoint Notes: 6. War Review

Friday Oct. 6th:

Today students continued to watch the movie. Reminder: Propaganda Posters are due. And responses to Wonder Woman are due Monday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday Oct. 5th:

Today students watched Wonder Woman. Attached our the questions students must hand in by Monday.

Wonder Woman Assignment: Wonder Woman Assignment

Wednesday Oct. 4th:

Today students were given time to work on their Propaganda Assignment. It is due tomorrow.

Tuesday Oct. 3rd:

Today students explored the 4 battles of WWI that Canadians played a large role in. Each student completed the attached worksheet. We will be watching Wonder Woman in class Thursday and Friday.

Battles Worksheet Answer Key: 11 – Canadians on the Battlefield – Key

WONDER WOMAN PERMISSION FORM: Wonder Woman Permission Slip

Monday Oct. 2nd:

Today we looked at what the war was like on the Home Front in Canada. Students were given the outline for their Propaganda Assignment.

PowerPoint Notes: 4 – How did Canada respond to the war

Propaganda Assignment: Propaganda Assignment

Friday September 29th:

Today we continued looking at the War in the Sea, Air and Land.

Thursday September 28th: 

Today students examined the different types of technology used in WWI.

PowerPoint Notes: 3 – Technology in WWI

Student notes: Student Printable PowerPoint

Wednesday September 27th:

Today students looked at the MAIN causes of WWI.

PowerPoint Notes: 2. Causes of WWI

Student Note Page: Student Notes Causes of WWI

Timeline of Causes: 03 – Timeline of Events Leading up to the War – Key

Tuesday September 26th:

Today we started our World War 1 Unit. We looked at life in the 20th century in Canada. We also took a closer look at the Komagata Maru incident.

Unit Outline: Unit 2 Student Overview

Note PowerPoint:1. Life in Canada in the 20th c

Student Note Page:Student Note Page Life in 20th C

Monday September 25th

Students were given time to work on their project.

Friday September 22nd

Students were given class time to work on their Design Your Own Government Project. This project can be done in pairs or individually. It will be due Tuesday. Students will be given class time on Monday to work on it as well.

Project Criteria: Summative Assessment Criteria

Project Checklist/Breakdown: Summative Assessment Breakdown

Adapted Project Outline: ADAPTED Summative Assessment Breakdown

Thursday September 21st

Students wrote their quiz. Afterwards we reviewed how the Canadian Legislative System worked in notes and through an activity.

PowerPoint Slides: 7 – How Laws are Made PPT

Student Note Page: Making a Law

Wednesday September 20th

Today students took part in the “Blanket Exercise” by Kairos. Students participated well and reflected on the experience with thoughtfulness and intelligence.

Resource for interested parents/students: Blanket Exercise

Tuesday September 19th

Today students discussed the process of electing a government in Canada. Voting is the #1 way to influence the government. We spent the rest of class reviewing for the quiz. Tomorrow we will be taking part in the “Blanket Activity” as a class.

PowerPoint Slides: 6 – What Conditions allow Cdns to be involved?

Monday September 18th

Today we went over the quiz outline and talked about ways citizens can influence their government. 

PowerPoint Slides: 5 – How can we influence government PPT_teacher

Quiz Outline: Unit 1 Quiz Outline

Friday September 15th

There was no class today as students worked on Planning 10.

Thursday September 14th

Today students spent time exploring Canadian history and choosing significant events they found interesting. 

Wednesday September 13th

Today we looked at the Political Spectrum and discussed the differences between LEFT (loose) WING and RIGHT (tight) WING ideologies. Students did a “Physical Spectrum” across the classroom and completed a worksheet together. We reviewed the branches of government at the end of class.

PowerPoint Slides: 3. Ideologies shape our nation

Student Notes: Political Spectrum Student Notes

Worksheet: Political Spectrum Worksheet

Monday September 11th and Tuesday September 12th

While I was away students were asked to work through the “Great Unsolved Canadian Mystery”, unfortunately students were quite overwhelmed and as such the assignment was not completed. No student will lose marks because of this. I will collect what was accomplished, give feedback, and we will build more time to examine primary and secondary sources as a class in future lessons.

Friday September 8th

Students examined the levels of the Canadian government and the branches of the Canadian government today in class. We attempted a puzzle activity at the end of day but quickly realized some pieces were missing! David and Justin’s team won candy for best attempt, we’ll try again as review at the end of the unit!

I will be away Monday and Tuesday at Gr. 8 camp. Students will be working through a “Great Unsolved Canadian Mystery” for the two days. (Link to the webpage: )

PowerPoint Slides: 2. Function of Canadian Govt

Student note page: Note Page Function of Gov’t

Thursday September 7th

Today we talked about the 5 Themes of Geography and looked at our relationship with the land, focusing on First Nations groups in the area in a placemat activity and discussing Pope Francis’ lessons on our relationship with the Earth in Laudato Si.

 – Speed brainstorm on WATER before watching “Water Walk” by WaterAid and discussing how Pope Francis has encouraged us to rethink our relationship and responsibility to the earth.

Unit 1 Outline: Unit 1 Overview

Student Note Page: 1-Notes Intro to Geography

PowerPoint Slides: 1. Intro to Geography

Wednesday September 6th

Today students explored the 4 Big Ideas of the new Social Studies 10 curriculum (pictured below). Students also were given time to go over the course outline. Students must return the email permission form! (attached below).

COURSE OUTLINE: SS10 Course Outline