Science 9 (Mr. Oberhoffner)


Use this course update section to confirm due dates and download copies of assignments.

EXTRA HELP IS AVAILABLE AT LUNCH IN ROOM 209 (in library on Thursdays)

Assignments may be resubmitted. Any corrections must be on a separate sheet and stapled to the original. Due dates will be announced.

Quiz corrections are required for each quiz. Complete corrections on a separate sheet. The entire question must be copied along with the correct answer. For multiple choice and matching, the statement must be completed along with the correct written answer (not just the correct letter). Staple corrections to the original quiz and submit.

Quiz rewrites will be done at the end of each unit. Students need to arrange this with the teacher.


October 16-20

Monday: Hand in New Element assignment. 21./2.2 quiz review

Tuesday: Quiz 2.1/2.2. Work on Concept 1 from 2.3 handout: Sc9 2.3 Parts of the Atom and Bohr Diagrams. Complete for the first 10 elements.

Wednesday: Complete remainder of Concept 1 and Concept 2.

Thursday: 2.3 practice. Requiz for 1.3/1.4

Friday: Pro-D Day


October 9-13

Monday: Thanksgiving

Tuesday: Unit 2.2 Complete first three pages of handout for Wednesday: Sc 9 U 2.2 Elements and the Periodic Table . For more info see the following PowerPoints: S9 U2.2.1 Elements and S9 U2.2.2 Elements and the Periodic Table


Wednesday: Distribution of student grades to date. Parents sign and return for Thursday. Introduce Periodic Table.

Thursday: Take in signed grade printouts. Complete 2.2 handout, Concept 4. Begin work on New Element assignment from 2.2 handout. Due Monday. 2.1/2.2 quiz Tuesday.

Friday: work on New Element assignment


October 2-6

Monday: Complete handout: S9 U 2.1 Matter

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: Invasive Species presentations.

Friday: Review 2.1


September 25-29

Monday: 1.4 Genetic Variation. See PowerPoint 1.4 Comparing Sexual and Asexual Reproduction.

Tuesday: Complete 1.4 handout. Work on presentation for Friday:Invasive Species in BC.  1.3/1.4 Quiz on Thursday

Wednesday: Continue invasive species assignment.

Thursday: 1.3/1.4 Quiz. Finish work on invasive species. Be sure to share your document with me via e-mail!

Friday: Present your invasive species!


September 18-22

Monday: Hand in DNA lab. Microscope activities.

Tuesday: Practice quiz. 1.1-1.2 Practice Quiz. Also, Flash card activity

Wednesday: Quiz 1.1/1.2. Work on section 1.3. 1.3 Sexual Reproduction 2017

Thursday/Friday: Meiosis activity and sexual reproduction 1.3 2017 Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction


September 11-15

Monday/Tuesday: B Block: we are in Room 208. Return Safety Quiz. Rewrite Wednesday at lunch in Rm 209. Bring your lunch. DNA lab. Perform procedures and complete Observations. See: DNA lab Handout version 2017

Wednesday: Lab Analysis/Error Analysis/Conclusion. Final copy due Monday. Safety Requiz @ lunch, Rm 209.

Thursday/Friday: Return 1.1 handout. Resubmits due Monday. Complete 1.2: Asexual Reproduction. See handout: S9 U1.2 Asexual Reproduction 2017.


September 6-8

Wednesday: Please make sure the following handout is signed and returned ASAP: Science 9 Course Outline Fall 2017 . Bring duotang for upcoming lab. Also, a sandwich bag of frozen berries. Safety Quiz Friday.

Thursday: Section 1.1. See handout:  Sc 9 U1.1 Introduction to Reproduction and PowerPoint: 1.1 Cells and Reproduction 

Friday: Safety Quiz. Complete 1.1 handout. Prep for DNA lab.