Science 8 (Mrs. Bryson)

Welcome to Science 8!

Course Outline


Oct 30-Nov 3:

Monday – Unit 2 project due

Oct 24-27:

Tuesday – KMT investigation pg 150

Wednesday – *Unit one retest*, Introduction to the ATOM

Thurs – Friday – Unit 2 Project The Atomic Theory Timeline  

Oct 16-19:


Tuesday –  Notes for Unit 2 qualitative and quantitative properties

Wednesday  – Chemical reaction experiments

Thursday – Kinetic Molecular theory discussion


Oct 10-13:

Tues. – Wed. – Unit one project presentations

Thurs. – Fri – Unit 1 review *TEST ON MONDAY*

Oct 2-6:

Mon. Oct 2: review of microscope lab, analyze results together and write conclusions (full lab report due Tuesday)

Tues. Oct 3- Friday Oct 6 : Unit 1 project

Sept 19-29: Notes on Unit 1 with discussion. September 29: Microscope lab!

Sept 15-18: Curricular Competencies: These notes should be referred to through out the semester while you are doing any inquiry or lab work. Monday, Sept 18 is when you are designing your own experiments. Don’t forget your supplies!

Questioning and Predicting

Planning, Conducting,


Sept 5-14: Lab Safety, WHMIS and HHPS symbols