Science 8 (Mr. Oberhoffner)

Science 8 Fall Semester 2014 Course Outline and Updates

A Block: Rm 201                        Mr. Oberhoffner

Science 8 is designed to provide opportunities for students to develop scientific knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will be relevant in their everyday lives and their future careers. In addition to introducing them to current concepts, findings, and processes in various scientific disciplines, it encourages them to:

• develop a positive attitude toward science
• examine basic concepts, principles, laws, and theories through scientific inquiry
• demonstrate respect for precision
• develop awareness of assumptions in all forms of science-related communication
• separate fundamental concepts from the less important or irrelevant
• identify supporting or refuting information and bias

EXTRA HELP IS AVAILABLE AT LUNCH IN ROOM 209 (in library Wednesdays at lunch)


Course Updates

Nov 17 – 21

***SJB Explorers Week handouts. Please complete, have parents sign, and return for next Wednesday (26th).  see link:  explorers week letter to parents and form

***Check out the probe we sent to land on a comet!

Monday: Ch 5- How to use a ray box

Lab Light. see Ch 5 ray boxes and lenses

Tuesday: continue Lab.


Continue Lab.

Thursday: Finish lab. Hand in.

Complete 5.3 in unit pack. Hand in.

Complete Ch 5 review, text p.198 #1-10, 13, 18

Friday: Hand in Ch 5 review. Ch 5 Quiz.

6.1: Human Vision- The Eye. Ppt and Unit pack.


Nov 10 – 14: Website out of order


Nov 3-7

Note: Requiz Week:

Monday: Ch 1; Thursday: Ch 2; Next Wednesday (Nov 12): Ch 3.

Chapter requizzes require the proper completion of the workbook sections of that chapter. Find the workbook sections online. See ACCESSING BC SCIENCE 8 AND BC SCIENCE 9 TEXTS AND MATERIALS ONLINE

 Monday: Ch 4 review- p.164 #1, 2, 5, 6-12, 15a-c, 17, 19

Tuesday: Hand in Ch 4 review.

Ch 4 Quiz

5.1: Reflection: intro to ray model

Wednesday/Thursday: 5.1 Ppt and Unit Pack

Reflection activities

Friday: Admin Day


Oct 27-31

Monday: Ch 3 Quiz. Finish disease assignment.

Tuesday: Disease assignment- brief presentations

Wednesday: Continue presentations

4.1 Unit Pack: Wave Model  see Sc 8 Unit 2 Pack Ch 4 – 6

Thursday: 4.2: Properties of Light

Friday: 4.3: Electromagnetic Spectrum



Tuesday: Ch 1;  Thursday: Ch 2; Friday: Ch 3.

****Chapter requizzes require the proper completion of the workbook sections of that chapter. Find the workbook sections online (see ACCESSING BC SCIENCE 8 AND BC SCIENCE 9 TEXTS AND MATERIALS ONLINE).


Oct 20-24

Monday – Wednesday: 3.1/3.2 Unit Pack. Complete Chapter review questions 1-17, p. 117. Quiz Monday.

Thursday/Friday: Pathogen/Disease Assignment. Due Tuesday. See Diseases and their Pathogens asst 2014


Oct 13-17

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Digestion Review: A Thanksgiving Meal Analysis activity

Complete p. 81 all questions. Due Wednesday.

Wednesday: Digestion Quiz. Circulation Review: complete p. 95, #1-6, 11-15, 18.

Thursday: Circulation Quiz. Respiration Review. Complete review handout.

Friday: Off

Monday: Respiration Quiz


Oct. 6-10

Monday: Finish digestion. Start on 2.3 in unit pack

Tuesday: 2.3: Ppt and unit pack.

Interactive Animation. Video.

Ch. 2 Digestion Quiz next Wednesday, Oct. 15  😀 

Next Thursday: Circulation. Monday: Respiratory System

Homework: Finish 2.3

Wednesday: Flow Chart: Pathway of Blood through through the blood vessels, lungs, and heart.

Circulatory system problems


Flow Chart: Pathway of air through Respiratory System

Respiratory System problems

Friday: Work on Ch 2 review. (Flash Card Game design)


Sept 30 – Oct 3

Monday: Off


Ch 1 Review handout- see s8 u1 ch1 review pack

Wednesday:  Ch 1 Quiz

2.1: Body Systems- major systems/levels of organization of organisms (Ppt and Unit pack)

Complete 2.1 Unit Pack

Thursday: 2.2 Digestive System. (Ppt and Unit Pack)

-Digestion animation

-Complete 2.2 Unit Pack

Friday: Digestion

Check out the games from this link:


Sept. 22-26

Monday: Finish Error Analysis/Conclusion. Lab due Wednesday

Tuesday: Library- identifying microorganisms

Wednesday: Labs in. 1.3 Unit Pack/Ppt- Diffusion and Osmosis

Thursday: Diffusion and Osmosis (cont’d). Ch 1 Quiz on Wednesday!

Friday: Off

NOTE: This Tuesday: Chapter 1 Review work. See CH 1 Review: Practice Quiz


Sept. 15-19

Monday: Picture Day! Set up Microscope lab. See link: Microscope Lab Be sure to have your duo-tang!

Tuesday: Lab: Procedures, Part 1

Wednesday: Lab: Procedures, Part 2

Thursday: Procedures, Part 2

Friday: Procedures, Part 3.


September 8 – 12: Bring Pond Water!

Monday: Gr. 8 Retreat

Tuesday: Gr. 8 Retreat

Wednesday: No A Block (Mass Day Schedule)


-Hand out Safety Contract  science safety contract

-Return Safety Quiz (Requiz Friday)

-Hand out Unit 1 Pack Science 8 Unit 1 Pack

-1.1: Requirements of Living Things Ppt

-Homework: Complete 1.1 Unit Pack


-Safety Requiz Monday

-Lab Handouts: How to Write Up a Lab   Lab Evaluation Rubric    Read, complete, and hand back.

-1.2 Unit Pack and Ppt.

-Homework: 1.1/1.2 Unit Pack due Monday.

Check out this link:

Next Week: (Monday: -Set up Lab#1  s8 u1 c1.1 Microscope Lab Be sure to have a lab duo-tang!)


September 2-5

Monday: Labour Day


-Sign Course expectations and e-mail Permission forms

-Safety Quiz Friday– need ?80%

-Course Outline: Click here –> Science 8 Course Outline fall 2014

-Course Expectations: COURSE EXPECTATIONS

-E-mail Permission Form: Email permission form


-Hand out texts

-Review safety rules, p. xviii and p. 475

-Bring Pond Water


-Safety Tour

-Textbook orientation


Try this interactive safety course:


-Safety Quiz

(Safety Requiz next Thursday)

-class visit to library to establish school usernames and passwords.