Religion 12 (Mrs. Kuester)

Welcome back to school and to Religion 12!

I am very excited to be growing in faith alongside you this semester. I am praying for each of you that Jesus will use our work in class to strengthen your faith and your love for Him. Through class discussions, movies, Masses, prayer, silence, reflections, speakers, encyclicals, documents, assignments and service I hope that each of us can assist the other in learning to further appreciate the truth, beauty and goodness inherent in our Catholic Christian heritage. Class participation is very important in a senior Religion course so come to class prepared to both express yourself and to listen to others.

Service hours are required as part of the course. The sheet is attached here so that those of you who have already completed your hours in service to others can get this completed and handed in quickly

Service Hours

Your class overview may be found here. Please have parents sign for permission to watch movies and for them to receive communication from me by email.

 Religion 12 Course Overview 2017-18

Week of October 2-6

Watching Lord of the Rings “Return of the King” and drawing connections between Catholic teachings and the movie. We watched two parts of Bishop R. Barron’s talk on the allusions to the Eucharist, our saviour, Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the ring as our need for companionship and encouragement on the journey toward our heavenly home. We will finish the movie on Tuesday and have a small assignment to complete.

Week of September 25-29

Monday: article to be read on the Indoctrination of Children into Faith and a reflection/reaction paper to be handed in afterwards.

Tuesday – Thursday: Finish first section of Mere Christianity and complete first journal entry. Lectio Divina in chapel, questions and discussions about Confession and the Eucharist. Continuation of the reading of the Gospel of John.

Friday: Student-led prayer service and begin second section of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

Week of September 18-22

Discussions on who God is, the meaning of suffering, and the power of prayer. Prayer in chapel, silence, and reflecting on the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola were part of the week. There was a quiz on Tuesday on the transcendentals and other terms. On Thursday and Friday, while some of the class was away at Mt. St. Helen’s, the rest of the class watched God’s Not Dead. Discussion to follow next week.

Week of September 11-15

Who am I?




Conscience Notes

The Five Transcendentals

Short Video clips on happiness, meaning of life, Catholicism

There will be a short quiz on the terms and the Five Transcendentals on Tuesday, September 19

Week of September 5-8

Introduction to the Four levels of Happiness (based on Spitzer)

Religious Education 12Terms to Know


















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