Religion 12 (Mr. Shin)

Welcome to Religion 12!

Jesus was never a boring person. People either loved or hated Him, always intrigued by Him. But what does Jesus, a 2000 year old historical figure have to do with you and I today? Come and see.

I am excited to walk with you in our journey of faith. All of us want what is true, good, and beautiful. Hopefully, you and I can walk together and catch a glimpse of what we always want, God – whether we believe Him or not.

Through class discussions based on videos, current events related articles, the sacraments, and other riches of the Catholic Church, I hope that you can have an opportunity to catch that glimpse and to be people of thought. Class participation is VITAL to this class so come to express yourself and listen well.

Service hours are required as part of the course. The sheet is attached here so that those of you who have spent the summer in service to others can get this completed and handed in quickly. Service Hours Sheet

Class over view available on this link. – religion-12-course-overview-2016-17

God bless!

If you have missed a class content, you are responsible to catch up on notes through your peers. But know that despite having notes, class discussion is the main means to consolidate understanding in this course.

Terms to know: religious-education-12terms-to-know

1.4 Conscience

1.5 Sacraments

Scott’s Testimony on Confession

Gospel of John & Passion of Christ Project

Passion of Christ Project Rubric


Indoctrination of Children – Essay Assignment

On The Religious “Indoctrination” Of Children

Screwtape Letters Journal Assignment

Screwtape Letters Reading


RE12 Final Project

Resource list for Final Project

Testimonies on Homosexuality:

1. Desire of the Everlasting Hills

2. The third way

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