Physics 11 (Mr. Calzavara)

Physics 11 Fall 2017– Mr. Calzavara 

My consultation times are at Lunch (Tuesday in Library, Other days in the computer Lab )or after school in Library (or sometimes the Computer Lab).


Oct 16-19 :  19 : Test on Dynamics next Friday, look at sample test in SNAP p151, read ahead into chapter 5 notes: Oct 19
18 – Momentum assignment : SNAP page 147 # 2,4,6,8,10,12  Hand in at end of class
17 – Took up p 128,p128Answers , set up Google Classroom, clarified lab instructions
16 -Took up page 126, assigned p128 (Notes: Oct 16  ) Also handed out lab final copy to fill in and attach all the other pages to : hand this in tomorrow if possible, Wed. if you have questions that you will ask me tomorrow at lunch in the computer Lab!

Oct 10-11 :   Momentum of explosions, and Impulse definition notes: Oct 11Do page 126 for homework
Further discussion of lab report, handout of part 1 of analysis : Lab report1Analysis1
More Momentum notes, Oct 10 examples and formula. 

Oct 2- 6
 : Falling masses pulling across desk, or pulling masses up: how to calculate the acceleration
Notes: Oct 2   Oct 3 answer to 4kg and 5 kg  Discussed lab reports, error factors
Oct 4 : Handed back homework marked from pages 99 and 100, and the Dynamics worksheet
Students who did not hand those in must do SNAP p122 #1-6, p 133 #2-5, p 135 #2-6
Specified what should be on your data recording sheet and in the lab write-up Oct 4, and set up a sample spreadsheet
Oct 5 : finished discussing lab, started Momentum with crashing carts demo: Oct 5
Oct 6: Did the Lab! : now use this spreadsheet Dynamics Lab Calculations to enter your data, and print it out as discussed.

Sep 25-29  : 
Sep 29: Combining forces – SNAP book page 114 and handout for homework: sep 29 notes  and assigned Dynamics Worksheet
Sep 28 Springs : sep 28
Sep 27  Work on all this to hand in :  page 99 # 4-9  page 100 #4-14
Sep 26 :Gravity sep 26  page 83 #4-11
Friction and Net force Notes: sep 25 Assigned p 92 #1-6

Sep 18-22:  Finishing Kinematics – chapter 2 review and quiz, starting Ch. 3 Dynamics
Sep 22 : sep 22notes with p115 answers and friction introduction
Sep 21 : test! And discussed Dynamics definitions and Newton’s Laws : read 102-104, 109-110, Notes: Sep 21 and assigned questions #1-4 on page 115
Sep 20 : answers to h/w and ExtraPractice page 73 Sep 20
Sep 19 : collected p69 etc. and took up Kin sample test ANSWERS  Test will be Thursday
Notes for Sep 18 (hand in page 69-72) and sample test Kin sample test 

Sep 11-15 : Kinematics – formulas and relations between variables and using the graphs of d-t and v-t to create new formulas and solve more problem types.
Notes from class: Sep 15 H/W is pages 68 #1-3 and the chapter review page 69-72 # 4,6,8,9,12-15
Sep 14  Sep 13 H/W: p62 #3-8 Sep 12 Sep 11 Sep8

Sep. 7-8 :  review metric and significant digits (SigFigs) pages 9-18. Read 19-25 for homework, and do the handout.

Course Overview


This is an introductory course meant to introduce you to a range of different topics in physics. We strive for an experiential approach with many opportunities for hands-on involvement. The course will give you a good scientific background, and prepare you for Physics 12.

It will be our task to develop your  knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for scientific literacy through four major processes: working scientifically, communicating scientifically, using science, and acting responsibly.


BC Science Physics 11 by Gore and Sandner


Tests and quizzes    25% Assignments & homework  30%
Labs     20% Final Exam          25%

Lab reports and other projects and assignments will be marked according to a rubric supplied in advance. The first test will be preceded by a sample test so that students know what to expect in format and content. There will also be a practice exam.

Students absent for tests must make-up the test as soon as possible upon return to school (usually the next day).


Introduction, Kinematics (Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, Projectile Motion)
Dynamics (Gravity, Friction, Elastic Forces, Newton’s Laws, Momentum)
Energy (Work and Energy, Conservation of Energy, Power and Efficiency)
Electric Circuits (Current, Voltage, Resistance and Power in series and Parallel)
Optics (Wave Properties of Light, Reflection of Light, Refraction of Light)
Special Relativity (Physics near the speed of light)

Approximate Timeline

Sep/Feb.:   Intro, Kinematics, Dynamics
Oct/March:  Dynamics, Momentum
Nov/April:  Energy, Electric Circuits
Dec/May:   Optics,
Jan/June:  Special relativity, Exam Review

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