Photography 11 (Mrs. Lindenbach)

crop380w_student_photographer_black_and_whiteWelcome to Photography 11 and 12!

To view this year’s course overview for Photography 11, click:Photo 11 Overview 2017

To view this year’s course overview for Photography 12, click: Photo 12 Overview 2017

If you are considering this course for your elective, you are encouraged to acquire a 35mm fully manual camera.  You are not expected to purchase new; rather talk to family members and friends who might let you borrow theirs.  As the majority of the general public move towards the digital format, there are unused 35mm film format cameras sitting around.  You might try Craig’s list or Kijiji for a used camera for a fraction of the cost of a new one.  Also try flea markets or thrift stores; past students have had success here.  The Art Department does own a small collection of cameras available for student use if a camera cannot be found.  No student will be turned away because he or she cannot locate a camera.

You do not require any fancy lens or flashes.  A regular 50mm lens will be sufficient.

You do not require to purchase any film, chemicals, or paper.  SJB provides the very rare yet fantastic opportunity to learn and experience the magic of film photography cost free.

I look forward to seeing you in the darkroom!