PE 10 (Mr. Oberhoffner)

Please bring your PE strip for each class. If you do not have one, you can purchase items on the first day of class with cash or cheque. Please make sure that you must have a separate pair of clean running shoes that will be designated as your indoor shoes. A separate pair will be needed as outdoor shoes.


Shorts $22                       T-shirt $15                   Sweat Pants $35            Sweat shirt $40

PE 8-10 course outline          Gardner Park_permission form      med form


Locations for each weeks’ P.E. classes. We will be rotating among the locations each week.

Feb. 8-12: In the gym

Feb. 15-19: Outside- Note: Be prepared for all-weather outdoor activity; bring your hoodie, rain jacket, outdoor shoes, spare socks, a towel, and whatever will help you have fun being active in the elements!

Feb. 22-26: Weight room

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