Parent & Student Handbook

This document contains the rules and policies for the school.  It is an important document that can be a valuable resource.  If you have any questions or concerns about a specific policy, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Mr. Gianni Bittante

Section Policy Name Date Revised
1 Philosophy and Mission
2 Everyday Operational and School Procedures April 2016
3 Academic Program, Career Planning, Graduation Requirements and Scholarships  Sept. 2015
4 Uniform Policy Sept. 2015
5 Enforcement of Policy and Regulations
6 Your Role as Parents
7 Reverence for Life
8 Extracurricular Activities
9 Registration Procedures
10 Privacy Policy Sept. 2015
11 School Completion Certification (Evergreen Policy)
12 Options for Earning Credits Nov. 2015
13 Learning Assistance Centre  Sept. 2015
14 International Student Homestay Guidelines Sept. 2015
15 Child Abuse and NeglectThe Ministry Guidelines for Reporting Sept. 2015
16 SJB also adheres to CISVA Policies
17 SJB also adheres to BC Ministry of Education’s Policy on Student Record Keeping