For International Students

1. What is included in the school’s tuition rate?

International Students receive the same instruction as Canadian students.  In addition, International students receive ESL tutoring after school and extra assistance in the Learning Center, if needed.

2. Do you have to be Catholic to enroll at the school?

Students do not need to be Catholic, but will be enroll in Religion class which will help them understand the Catholic Faith.

3. Are the students integrated with the Canadian students?

Yes. To ensure that our International Students’ written and oral English language comprehension improves every day, the students are integrated within the classroom. Additionally, the students receive ESL lessons after school.

4. Can the students graduate in BC?

St. John Brebeuf Secondary School is fully-accredited by the BC Ministry of Education. As such, students can graduate from the school with a Dogwood Diploma; which is required for post-secondary studies.

5. Can International students be a part of the school’s extra-curricular program?

International students are encouraged to be a part of the school’s Athletic, Art, Music or other programs or clubs which will help their language comprehension and make new friends in Canada.