Home Economics 9 (Mrs. Lunt)

Foods 9 Course Outline

Welcome to Foods 9

Foods 9 students have passed the Foundations of Safety, Sanitation, Measurement and Equipment unit tests and the quiz for lab skills and procedures.  Some class students also passed the optional Food Safe Government course with flying colours.

This month the Food Preparation and Nutrition units have been integrated into the hands on labs. The baking units introduce the muffin and biscuit methods.  Stove top cooking focuses on pastas and the roux used for macaroni and cheese from scratch.  Needless to say- everybody is happy in foods class!

All but a few students have completed their International or Chef shows doing fabulous presentations.

November features the Remembrance Day Tea/Lunch where the students are totally involved with the prep, food service and cleanup to honor our Veterans.

We then look forward to December and holiday baking.

Cheers Ms Lunt