French 8 (Mme. Henneveld)

French 8 Course Overview fall 2017

Francais 8eNotes for Students and Parents Mme Henneveld


le 18 octobre

Bonjour!   This week in French class we are working hard on our play activities and practicing our parts.  We are starting to think about the play presentations, which will be in front of the class, with props and costumes.   The date will be announced next week sometime.   Meanwhile, we have started a new list, and the quiz will be next week Thursday, October 26.   Here is the list:
Salut Mon Ami VocabulaireSection E avec anglais

We are also practicing how to tell time in French (and English).

I look forward to meeting with many of you at parent-teacher conferences.


Madame Henneveld


le 10 octobre

Bonjour.  We continue to practice vocabulary every day.  The new list (which holds many words we have been using since the first day) is here:

Salut Mon Ami Vocabulaire Section D

Salut Mon Ami VocabulaireSection D with english

and the quiz will be this Friday.  Students are welcome to come any lunch to rewrite any quiz.  As the semester progresses, the students’ marks will reflect a more diverse range of assessment, but at the start the mark is largely their quizzes.  Thus, i am happy the first reporting period does not include a mark.   Having said that, i will be posting marks and will have a printout for each parent that comes to a PT conference next week.

Meanwhile, we are working hard on our play, both practicing our lines and working on activities.  Also, we are learning how to tell time in French, and everyone is speaking more French in class.

Have a good week,

Madame Henneveld


le 3 octobre

Bonjour!   We are working hard at learning new vocabulary.  Today we did a second time at testing liste B.  Any students who still did not do well can come any lunch for a rewrite.  It only helps to master these words that we will be using frequently in class.  Meanwhile, we have started liste C:

Salut Mon Ami VocabulaireSection Cnom avec anglais

and the quiz will be this Friday, October 6.

We continue to practice the play in our groups, and to complete activity work in class.   And alongside that, we are learning more conversational questions and answers, and how to tell time.

Have a great week, and a happy Thanksgiving!

Madame Henneveld


le 25 septembre

Bonjour!   We have had our first vocab quiz, and hopefully students are feeling confident in their expanding French vocabulary.   We have moved on to our second list:

Salut Mon Ami VocabulaireSection B

Salut Mon Ami VocabulaireSection B avec anglais

and the quiz for this list will be this Friday, September 29.  This list includes many words we have been using since day one of the term.

As well, in French 8, we are moving along with our play, “Salut, Mon Ami”.  Students are into their activities and it won’t be long now till groups are selected and students begin to learn their own lines.

And, we are beginning to learn how to tell time, and identify body parts.  Have a great week!

Madame Henneveld



le 15 septembre

Bonjour!  We have begun our first vocab list in class, and there will be a quiz next week.  Here is the list for students to study:

Salut Mon Ami VocabulaireSection A

Salut Mon Ami VocabulaireSection A avec anglais

As well, students have written short poems which will be displayed in the classroom, and they are due on Monday.   Have a great weekend!

Madame Henneveld


le 11 septembre

The grade 8s are off to camp and I pray that they have a fun and blessed time of community building.    This week in French class we continue to learn and practice intro vocabulary.   We will be practicing our French names and start learning about places in the school and direction words.    As well, the students will be writing poems.


Madame Henneveld



le 4 septembre

Welcome to SJB!   I am looking forward to meeting the grade 8 students and i also look forward to them meeting each other.   We will spend this first week doing just that, and becoming familiar with how French class will look.  This website will be updated each week, with attachments for projects and all vocabulary lists that students need to study.  Meanwhile, the course overview will be here for you to look over.   I hope many parents come on Wednesday night to meet their children’s teachers.    Have a great first week!


Madame Henneveld