French 10 (Mme. Henneveld)

Francais 10 eNotes for Students and Parents Mme Henneveld

French 10 Course Overview2017 fall


le 18 octobre

Bonjour!  We are working hard to learn our lines in the play and also in our made-up story endings.  Next week, groups will be videoing their play presentations, and we look forward to seeing the results in the following week.   Meanwhile, we continue to work hard at our activities and vocabulary.   Students have a short list of important vocabulary that will be on the final test for this play.   The test will be the first week of November.   Here is the vocab list:

QACS vocab utile

QACS vocab utile avec anglais

Meanwhile, we continue to practice grammar concepts and our conversational ‘questions orales’.   I look forward to meeting with many of you at PT conferences.


Madame Henneveld


le 10 octobre

Bonjour!   In French 10, we are working hard on the play, learning lines and doing activities.  Students have started their third vocab list:

qacs vocab liste C

and the quiz will be this Friday, October 13.  This week, students in their groups will be working on writing an ending to the play so they can learn their lines and practice it with the play.  Meanwhile, we are also reviewing some spelling and grammar rules, and continuing with conversational questions.

Have a great week.

Madame Henneveld


le 25 septembre

Bonjour!  We have had our first vocab quiz now, and are moving along with our second list:

qacs vocab liste b

qacs vocab liste b avec anglais

The test for this list will be next week Wednesday.  Meanwhile, we are well into the activities for our play, “Qui Arrive Ce Soir?”, and it won’t be long now until groups are formed and students begin to learn the lines for their own role.

Meanwhile, we have been doing lots of grammar review, and conversational practice.   Students are writing in their journals and speaking more French in class.

Have a great week!

Madame Henneveld


le 15 septembre

We are having fun becoming familiar with our new play!  Here is the list for the first vocab test which will be next week.

QACS vocab A avec anglais

Have a great weekend!

Madame Henneveld


le 11 septembre

This week in French 10 we will begin our ‘questions orales’, practicing basic French conversations using questions which will be part of our spoken exam at the end of the term.   As well this week we will start our journal entries, and begin to learn our new play, ‘Qui Arrive Ce Soir?’.  The vocabulary for this play will be handed out and our first quiz will be next week.   Meanwhile, we continue to do lots of vocabulary review and other activities to use the new words we are learning.

Have a great week!

Madame Henneveld



le 5 septembre

Welcome back!  I look forward to connecting with my grade 10 class.  We will start with lots and lots of review to help rekindle the language learning that seems so long ago.  Please look for permission/information sheets that need to be signed.  Grade 10 French students need a journal, preferably by the end of this first week.  I look forward to meeting many (hopefully) parents at the Meet the Teacher night the first Wednesday, September 6.


Madame Henneveld