English 10 (Ms. Gillespie)

Welcome to English 10!

Homework – Read each night for 20 minutes.

Test: Story Elements (Thurs., Oct. 26) – Study your handout of notes and be prepared to identify these elements in a short story.

Fri., Oct. 27 – Introduction – To Kill a Mockingbird

Thurs., Oct. 26 – Unit Test – Short Stories

Wed., Oct. 25 – Independent Novel Assignment – in class / Reading Comprehension (this one counts)

Tues., Oct. 24 – Practice identifying story elements in short story video clips

Fri., Oct. 20 – Mon., Oct. 23 – ProD – no school

Thurs., Oct. 19 – Discussion – Symbolism / Read “Blue Against White” / Response Questions #1 a and #2 – hand in during class / Introduction to Tattoo Assignment

Wed., Oct. 18 -“The Hockey Sweater” / Discuss theme and characterization / Character web

Tues., Oct. 17 – Debate – Northern Ireland / Read  “The Hockey Sweater”

Mon., Oct. 16 – Go over Reading Comprehension (“Hitchhiking”) / Prepare for debate on Northern Ireland

Due Date: Questions pg. 84 and pg. 90 / Paragraphs comparing point of view and changing point of view – Monday, Oct. 16

Fri., Oct. 13 – Reading Comprehension / Point of View – rewrite a paragraph from a new point of view / Finish work from “War” and “The Sniper” – due Monday

Thurs., Oct. 12 – Read “War” and “The Sniper” – in text / Questions to respond to: pg. 84 #1a-c and pg. 90 #1 b, d, e, and f / Write  paragraph stating the point of view for each story and describe how they are different. – Due Monday

Wed., Oct. 11 – Discussion and exercises – Atmosphere / Story Elements – go over / Sitcoms as stories assignment – homework

Tues., Oct. 10 – Go over “The Friday Everything Changed” / Discussion and exercises – mood

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Fri., Oct. 6 – Short Story Elements – go over / Read “The Friday Everything Changed

  • Write a reflection about the stereotyping within this short story and compare it with stereotypes that persist today.  Has society chanded it’s view on these stereotypes?  Are there other ones today?  What are they?  This should be about one third to half a page. (Due Tuesday or Wednesday the latest)

Due Date: Five paragraph compositions due Thursday, October 5

Thurs., Oct. 5 – Reading Comprehension (this one counts) / Introduction to Short Story Unit

Wed., Oct. 4 – Edit and revise compositions – due Thursday

Tues., Oct. 3 – Write a composition / Five by five essay

Mon., Oct. 2 – Intro – Composition Writing / Five by five essay

Thurs., Sept. 28 – Fri., Sept. 29 – Watch “The Good Lie” / class discussion

Wed., Sept. 27 – Share satires with the class

Tues., Sept. 26 – Finish Satires for homework

  • Read Tom Jackson article pg 32
  • Discuss questions pg 35 1a-f
  • Write a reflection based on one of the questions or define what a hero is you (one page, single spaced)

Mon., Sept. 25 – Satire “Man, You’re A Great Player” pg 53/ Discuss questions 1a-e / With a partner, write a satire

Fri., Sept. 22 – Share poems (historical event or person) / Reading Comprehension # 2

  • Ten line poem about a local, historical figure or event – Fri., Sept. 22

Thurs., Sept. 21 – Read Goliath (allusions)

  • Rosa Parks article and responses

Wed., Sept. 20 – Narrative Paragraphs due (first and second drafts)

  • Read Laura Secord poem and discuss the use of punctuation for effect
  • Brainstorm types of poems
  • Write a ten line poem about a local, historical figure or event – due Fri., Sept. 22

Tues., Sept. 19 – Edit and revise narrative paragraphs

  • Read “Laura Secord” and discuss punctuation and effects in poetry
  • Write poem based on historical person or event (local and ten lines long min.)

Mon., Sept. 18 – Reading Comprehension / Hand in cue card/ Narrative paragraph (of a heroic incident)

Fri., Sept. 15 – Planning 10

  • Reading Comprehension

Thurs., Sept. 14 – “The Michelle I Know” / Cue card answer (anonymous)

Sept. 12 – 13 – Discuss “Action Hero”

  • Presentations – reciting lyrics to rearranged songs
  • Descriptive writing / Elements of personal essays
  • Active / Passive Voice


  • Have an independent novel to read each class (choose one you will enjoy by next Friday)
  • Recite a rearranged song – Tues., Sept. 12

Sept. 11 – Read “Action Hero” pg 12 / Work on rearranged songs – present for effect

Sept. 8 – Independent novel / Who are our heroes? /Lyrics as poetry / Reciting songs as poetry

Sept. 6 – 7 – Introduction

  • Course Outline, topics, and class expectations
  • Introduction game
  • Writing habits inventory and setting a focus for your writing
  • Interviewing and communicating writing habits


Welcome to English 10 and the first semester of 2017.  During this course, you will be developing your skill and use of the English language, which is important as it is associated with many opportunities in life, including education, work and social interaction. As you come to understand and use language more fully, you will be able to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of language in all its forms – from reading and writing to poetry, theatre, public speaking, debate, film, and other media.  Through varied forms of communication you will also increase your understanding of, and respect for, your own and other cultures. You will be expected to talk and write about what you have learned about yourself and others from a variety of stories, essays, documents and other media.  I look forward to working with you – it’s going to be an exciting year.