ELL (Dr. Lannan & Mrs. Gloanec)


The E.L.L. (English Language Leaners’) program at St. John Brebeuf recognizes the need for providing specialized attention to new learners of English. The transition to a new country, one with a different language, can be very challenging.  As such, we like to focus on the student’s courage and determination to face these challenges.  We recognize E.L.L. students as important and valued new members of our community, to be treated with absolute respect and care.

We assess each student individually and seek out the student’s strengths, while supporting the student’s needs. Care and preparation go into each lesson planned according to the student’s needs. We build upon the student’s abilities and maximize their learning opportunities.

Vocabulary building, comprehension, writing, and speaking opportunities are heavily emphasized, all in an attempt to support the student’s learning. Classes are deliberately small in size, in order to provide E.L.L. students with even greater teacher support.

The learning community at St. John Brebeuf understands the need for collegiality. The E.L.L. teachers work closely with English teachers within the school, meeting regularly to discuss student needs and strategies to support student success.

Mrs. Gloanec has a degree in the arts and in education and is committed to helping E.L.L. learners achieve success in their studies. She recognizes from personal experience that the greatest learning can take place while exploring new cultures and building international connections.

Dr. Lannan has a doctorate in education, and has taught internationally and in various schools across Canada, so he has a deep understanding of, and commitment to, the success of each E.L.L. learner that comes to St. John Brebeuf.

We are at heart a Catholic-Christian learning community, one dedicated to the wellbeing of each individual that comes to us.