Math Enrichment Program

Congratulation to SJB!

SJB’s math whiz kids performed extremely well at the Math Challengers competition at University of Fraser Valley today. As a result, both SJB’s grade 8 and 9 teams were qualified for the upcoming provincial competition at UBC on March 8.

Special congratulation to Young Jae Jung won the FIRST PLACE among 200 contestants. His problem solving skills outshine other masterminds and impressed the UFV mathematics faulty. A true mathematician in making!

Canadian Math Challengers Society is a unique enrichment program to challenge grade 8-9 students with stimulating and thought-provoking questions. Math Challengers offers local, regional, and provincial tournaments yearly for youths in building skills and promoting strategic problem solving. At each tournament level, all students participate in two individual contest rounds, then in a team round, and finally the top ranked students take part in a head to head buzz-in question-and- answer session (similar to the TV quiz show, “Jeopardy”), where the overall individual champion is decided. Most questions require creativity and persistence in order to work out a possible solution. For more information, please go to the Canadian Math Challengers Society’s website:

Let’s rejoice for our students’ outstanding achievement.



Math Contest

American Scholastic Mathematics Association


  • Contest #1 – October 10, 2013
  • Contest #2 – November 14, 2013   
  • Contest #3 – December 12, 2013
  • Contest #4 – January 9, 2014
  • Contest #5 – February 13, 2014
  • Contest #6 – March 13, 2014

Canadian Math League

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October 05, 2013

SJB Math Whiz Kids at Simon Fraser University

Six math whiz kids from St. John Brebeuf Secondary School experienced A-Taste-of-Pi at Simon Fraser University on October 5, 2013. Along with other 50 BC gifted students, they enjoyed Dr. Wittenberg’s presentation — Functions and Chaos, a contemporary application of mathematics. From exploring iteration of functions to implication for predictions, these gifted students learned to use a simple rule to calculate complex functions.

After learning Dr. Wittenberg’s cobweb construction, these students were surprised by Dr. Côté’s research on lionfish: The ultimate invader. From Dr. Côté’s presentation, they realised the need to keep the venomous lionfish population in check and protect the native marine ecosystems of the Western Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean.

A-Taste-of-Pi is a mathematics enrichment program offered by SFU Department of MathematicsFaculty of Science, and the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences. It is one of prominent programs offering high school students a unique opportunity to explore mathematical and scientific applications in real world. This program challenges gifted students to excel and transforms them into critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Through participating in such an enrichment program, many students developed a strong passion for seeking advanced mathematical knowledge. Some even discovered that they could achieve much more than they ever thought possible in their journey of learning mathematics.

Photo (let to right): Matthew McGregor, Karl Carpizo, Vincent DiTomaso, Shayne Oberhoffner, Alex Lee, and Irene Lee

Matthew McGregor wrote: 

My time at Simon Fraser University was outstanding. I am currently in grade 10, taking Pre-Calculus 12 math. I attended the Taste Of ? course and thought it was indubitably intriguing. During the program, we learned about chaos in repeated mathematics functions. Chaos occurs after a function is repeated so many times that it looks abstract and no longer like math. Also during A Taste Of ?, we learned from a marine biologist about the sudden population increase in the mysterious lion fish. The lion fish is a dangerous fish that is eating many important sea creatures. It is eating them at such a fast rate that they are not reproducing fast enough to survive. Therefore, many of the creatures that the lion fish eats are decreasing in population. The marine biologist talked about interesting ways of attempting to get rid of all the lion fish. For example, we can cook and eat lion fish just as we do salmon, tuna, cod and more. The Taste Of ? course was an amazing program and I can’t wait for the next two classes and hopefully I can attend it in the following years.


May 8, 2013

Congratulation to Ayden An!

 (in the left)

Ayden won the second place at the University of Fraser Valley’s annual BC High Schools Math Contest (Final Round) and received $1,000.00 scholarship. He outshine many other top math students across BC.

Ayden’s extraordinary problem solving skills impressed many university faculty members. He managed to solve various challenge questions in both algebra and trigonometric sections.


February 11, 2013

Congratulations to Stephanie Yang and Ayden An who scored 100% on the 5th USA Math Contest.


December 10, 2012

Congratulation to Rachel Choboter, Matthew McGregor,  Brain Krammer, Alex Lee, and Ayden An who scored 100% on the 3rd USA Math Contest!


These students had demonstrated their expertise in mathematical problem solving, that included applications in algebra and geometry. The contest was consisted of seven challenged problem-solving questions and required Model Drawing to link abstract relationships to concrete models. The Model Drawing is by no means challenging for most math students but Erica, Alex, and Ayden applied it with their exceptional logical reasoning to succeed and to achieve proficiency in the difficult problem-solving contest. Well Done!


On October 13, 2012


There were five SJB math whiz-kids: Matthew McGregor, Alex Lee, Rachel Choboter, Jack LeGresley, and Eric LeGresley who experienced “A Taste of Pi” (mathematics enrichment program) at Simon Fraser University. The program started with Dr. Dukes’ Finite Geometries and the Set Game that challenged all 83 masterminds from 40s high schools throughout BC. Through the three basic objects at the heart of planar geometry: points, lines, circles, Dr. Dukes inspired students to see the Steiner systems in statistics and applications of electrical engineering.

After the Finite Geometries section,

Dr. Forde presented: How do our cells work?This was portrayed in the approach of Physicists via Biology.Students learnedhow the E. coli swim and  how the Kinesin transports cargo in a cell.

They also discovered other contemporary researched topics within human cells.

A Taste of Pi is a unique mathematics enrichment program at Simon Fraser University. It offers high-school students an opportunity to see the multifaceted application of mathematics and to connect mathematics to science fields. It has been a privilege and indeed an honor that the students of SJB were repeatedly selected to participate in such a meaningful academic event at SFU.

Let us rejoice for our students’ receiving such a wonderful learning experience at a competitive university level.