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Volunteen Program

Below is the application form for this program at Abbotsford Hospital. The competition is very strong for the limited spots in this program so please do not apply unless you are planning a career in Health Care.

Our school is allowed only 5 applications so please submit your applications to Mr. Fraser and a committee will review them to select the best 5.

Due date: November 1st to Academic Counselling Office

Loran Awards:

If you wish to be sponsored by the school for the Loran Award please complete the attached sample application form and submit to Mr. Fraser by October 9th. This will serve as your draft copy to refer to when you complete the online application.

The first major award of the year is the Loran Award. The school may sponsor up to 3 students. If you are not sponsored you can still apply directly.

Deadline: The school can sponsor up to 3 applications. To be considered, please complete the attached sample application and submit a printed copy to Mr. Fraser by October 9th, 2017 (this is earlier than the date below so that the school has time to review the applications).

If you have trouble printing the completed application provide a summary of the information in printed form to Mr. Fraser.


Students may also apply through the Direct Pool. Applications are due October 25th.

Here are the links to information about the award and the application form:

Grade 12 students may now apply at  As in previous years, they will need to submit a transcript, request a reference from a teacher or community member and have their school sponsorship confirmed (if applicable) before the deadline.

The deadline for applications is 8:00pm (Eastern Time) on October 18th for school-sponsored applications (but you must submit your application to SJB by October 9th) and October 25th for direct pool applications (without sponsorship). Each high school may sponsor up to three students.

I am also attaching the application overview with information about the award.







TD Scholarships for Community Leadership: DUE NOVEMBER 28TH! (see below)



Abbotsford Junior Police Academy: Deadline December 12th (see below)

Burger King Scholars Program: Deadline December 15th (see below)

Academic Counselling and Scholarship Info



Applications are in for students looking for volunteer health care experience in Abbotsford. Please complete both of the forms below. Please note:

The following outlines the specifics and changes to the package this year:
  • The applications are available from Tuesday, October 14 until November 29
  • Due 4:00 November 29 no exceptions (to co-ordinator, not to Mr. Fraser)
  • Required Criminal Record Check. Please fill out Part 1 Applicant information and have your parent sign and date the form. Please attach the form to the completed application package. Please do not send it to the Ministry as only those selected for the program with have the document sent forward.
  • Please include proof (a photo copy) of Immunity to Measles (two doses) Health Passport should suffice
  • VolunTEENS can no longer wear Gel Nails due to Infection Control Policies

 VolunTEEN Application FINAL Package 2014-2015 Abbotsford

VOLUNTEEN – CRR026-Vol-Consent to CRC Form 2014


TD Scholarships for Community Leadership: DUE NOVEMBER 28TH!

The application is online at:


This award is for students who have demonstrated leadership in improving their community and have an average of 75% or higher.

Deadline: November 28th to the address on the application form.

Abbotsford Junior Police Aademy:
The Abbotsford Junior Police Academy takes place at the end of March and is open to students attending school in Abbotsford (thus our students). The link to the application package (due  December 12th to the person in charge) is below:

Burger King Scholars Program:

For more information on Burger King Scholar program scholarships go to

The application deadline is December 15, 2014.


Dogwood District Authority Awards

Applications will soon be available from Mr. Fraser for these awards. These are $1000 awards open to grade 12 students who have excelled in one of 6 areas:

  1. 1.     Applied Skills (Business Ed., Technology Ed, Home Ec.)
  2. 2.     Fine Arts (Visual Arts, Drama, Music, Photography)
  3. 3.     Physical Activity (PE, school and community sports)
  4. 4.     Second Languages
  5. 5.     Community Service
  6. 6.     Trades and Technology

Students must submit a presentation of their achievements in one of the above areas by April 1st 2015


UVIC Black Press Business Scholarship:

“Thanks to the generosity of Black Press, 37 students from across BC will receive $5,000 to study business at the University of Victoria. That’s one student from every community Black Press services.

Every BC high school student who is accepted into the Bachelor of Commerce program at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business is automatically considered for the Black Press award.

Deadline: February 28, 2015.

Application information: Students who are accepted into Commerce at Uvic are automatically considered.

TWU’s next Preview weekend is November 28 – 29. Website links for more information and to register are in the attached Grad Newsletter.


RE/MAX Quest for Excellence?

This program was established by RE/MAX of Western Canada to recognize the success and ongoing pursuits of Western Canadian students in regards to leadership and community contribution initiatives. Students can enter online at

The deadline is March 9th 2015. Only online applications will be accepted.2015 Quest for Excellence program is open for submissions from September 8, 2014 until midnight March 9, 2015. Only online entries will be accepted.

Students are to convey the contributions they have made to their communities in a short online essay, maximum 1,250 words. Key qualities students should demonstrate are leadership, motivation and communication skills.  Other attributes may include volunteering, participation in charitable events or fundraising, and contributions that enrich the lives of others and their communities.

Information will be posted here to help Grade 12’s prepare their university applications and to search for scholarships and bursaries. Please check back on a regular basis for updates. To receive my email mailouts please send me an email at



This is an online test for environmentally-savvy students. You might win a $1000 award!

Deadline: April 11, 2015

Grade 12’s:


In order for universities to get your final grades in August you have to give them permission. Grade 12‘s must login to the student secure web at (the same place you go to check provincial exam marks) to complete the online form for PSI choices. This is to indicate which colleges and universities will be able to receive your final marks after graduation. These marks are then provided electronically to those institutions.


 Student Loans:

Information about student loans can be accessed from the government website





UFV Applications:
UFV begins accepting applications October 1st. However, this is not a deadline, only the opening of the application period. UFV’s policy for most programs (this comes directly from UFV), including the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts programs is that students who have the prerequisite courses and admission averages who apply by January 31st will be admitted to the programs. Programs such as Nursing, however are competitive. For example, for Nursing admission students are given points based on GPA, an interview, volunteer hours, etc.

For all programs I would recommend applying this fall to be on the safe side.

See the following links if you are planning to apply to UFV: (see the academic counseling webpage to click on these links)


  1. Set up a meeting with an advisor if you need assistance:
  2. Apply online:

Although the UFV calendar requests transcripts at the time of application, this does not apply to Grade 12 students. Students currently attending Grade 12 have until March 31 to submit interim grades and/or final grades for courses required for program entrance, and any test scores required for admission. All other required documents should be submitted with the application form.

Therefore, please do not request a transcript to send in with your UFV application. If they require one for your specific program at this time they will contact you.


Other University Applications:

Other B.C. Universities will begin accepting applications soon but again the deadlines are not until after Christmas. See for the online application for most B.C. Universities.


General Application Information

 Applications for Fall 2014 begin October 1, 2013.

Applications may be submitted online, in person, or by mail. We recommend students apply early. Students should take the time to ensure they have a complete application (i.e. they need to submit everything required for program entrance except high school grades and test scores, which they will submit in March). Students can find the information they require in the program section of the UFV online calendar. We encourage students to apply before the recommended deadline of January 31.

Communications with applicants

This year we will be sending all correspondence to high school applicants to their UFV email address, which they can access through their myUFV accounts. New applicants will be sent their ID and information on how to access myUFV within 2-3 weeks after they apply.

Students are encouraged to check their myUFV account on a regular basis for important information.

Programs requiring a personal statement or essay

The programs that require statements or essays, and the details, can be accessed from the online application, or at

The most popular direct entry programs that require a statement are BA in Criminal Justice, and Bachelor of Kinesiology. Students can include their personal statement or essay in the online application, available at, or can attach it to the paper application. If the programs requires an essay the application will not be complete until it is received, so we suggest students include the essay or statement with the application, retaining a copy for their records.

Additional program application forms/questionnaires are required for applicants to aviation, nursing, dental programs, health care assistant, early childhood education, social services, community support worker. These program application forms are available on the Admissions and Records web site under Forms/Additional application forms, or by clicking on

Advice for applicants  to Science:

The specific courses required for entrance are Principles of Math 12 with a minimum grade of B, and one of Chemistry 12, Biology 12, Physics 12, or Geography 12 with a minimum grade of C+. Students entering under the new curriculum math should choose the pre-calculus courses.

Students must also meet the UFV English Language Proficiency requirement. A C+ in English 12 is recommended, so that they will meet prerequisites for first year English.

Although a second science course is not required for acceptance, it is strongly recommended that science students take more than one grade 12 science course so that they meet prerequisites and can enter the courses they need directly in first year. The following courses are recommended for students depending on their area of interest:


Major High school sciences
Biology Biology 12Chemistry 12Physics 11 (Physics 12 recommended)
Chemistry Chemistry 12Physics 11 (Physics 12 recommended)
Physics Physics 12
Physical Geography Biology 12 or Chemistry 12Physics 11 (Physics 12 recommended)
Mathematics One of Physics 12, Biology 12 or Chemistry 12


 Graduation Program Examinations Scholarship Program

This has changed again. Now students must be in the top 5000 students in the province based on the scores on their provincial exams in Grades 10 through 12.

Please Stay Up to Date

 I highly recommend that parents become involved in their son or daughter’s scholarship search and application process. Many applications and many deadlines are missed as students get busier throughout the school year and put things aside. I urge all Grade 12 parents to add their names to my email list so that I can provide updates directly to you. Please send an email to or and ask to be added to the email list.


Feel free to contact me at or

The Academic Counselling Department

 At St. John Brebeuf our goal is to assist our students in pursuing post-secondary options and workplace options that are best-suited to their interests and aptitudes. To support our students along this path we provide academic counselling and career planning through the Academic Counselling Department. The Department is open on an appointment or drop-in basis throughout the day to assist students with course selections, career planning, university, college or trades program research and general academic support. Together, the Academic Counselling Department and Learning Centre coordinate a highly effective Peer Tutoring program in which senior students provide academic assistance to other students in the school. The Academic Counselling Department also provides information on external and internal scholarships and external testing (TOEFL, SAT, ACT, etc.) and assists students with work experience placements.