Comparative Civilizations 12 (Miss Fader)

Welcome to Comparative Civilizations 12!

Comparative Civilizations/Cultures is a survey course designed to provide an overview various cultures through time. Focus will be placed on gaining understanding of institutions (political, social, and economic structures), belief systems/values, daily life, gender roles, power and authority, and artwork. Through these areas of focus students will broaden their perspectives and advance their skills of critical thinking and analysis.

Friday Oct. 13th

Today we looked at Egyptian Hierglphys and how Egyptians used writing as a style of art. Reminder that Unit 2 Journals are due Thursday Oct. 19th! Also, we will be switching to using Google Classroom instead of the school website next week once we have a chance for students to sign up in class.

PowerPoint Slides:9 – Egyptian Writing PPT

Name Translation Activity: Egyptian Hieroglyph Name Translation Package

Thursday Oct. 12th

Today we discussed the Afterlife Beliefs of Ancient Egypt. Students examined excerpts of the Book of the Dead.

PowerPoint Slides: 8 – Egyptian Afterlife and Mummification PPT

Wednesday Oct. 11th

Today students presented their projects in a Gallery Walk style! Great job everyone!

Tuesday Oct. 10th

Today students were expected to finish up their projects and be ready to present tomorrow. A reminder that filling out an exit slip at the end of each project period is a part of your mark!

Friday Oct. 6th

Today students wrote the quiz and then were given more time to work on their projects.

Thursday Oct. 5th

Today students were given time to work on their projects.

Wednesday Oct. 4th

Today we talked about Agriculture in Ancient Egypt after playing a type of “Water Works” card game. Students were given their Egypt Research Project Outline and given time to ask questions about the quiz.

PowerPoint Slides: 7. Agriculture

Project Outline: Egypt Research Project Outline

Tuesday Oct. 3rd

Today we examined the role of religion in Ancient Egypt. Students also had time at the end of the class to work on a god/dess assignment. Students have to respond:

1) Image and Name of god/goddess

2) A Myth or Story that god/goddess is involved in (in point form or copy and paste)

3) Why is this god/goddess important to Egyptian society? 

*Good starting place: 

Tomorrow we will look at the outline for the unit project. Students will be given time on Thursday and Friday (after the quiz) to work on it. The Egypt Project will be due Wednesday Oct. 11th. Do not work on it over the long-weekend! Take a break! Eat some turkey!

PowerPoint: 6 – Religion in Ancient Egypt PPT

Monday Oct. 2nd

Happy Halloween the 2nd! Today we took notes on the societal structure and functioning in Ancient Egypt. Students were also given a quiz outline for FRIDAY‘s quiz. Students handed in a response the their thoughts on Egyptian society.

Powerpoint Slides: 5 – Ancient Egyptian Society PPT

Quiz Outline: Quiz Outline

Friday September 29th

Happy last day of September! Today we discussed the purpose of laws and focused on how laws were enacted in Egyptian society. Students compared the Principles of Ma’at with the 10 Commandments.

PowerPoint Slides: 4 – Ancient Egyptian Government and Law PPT

Principles of Ma’at: Principles of Ma’at (complete)

Thursday September 28th

Today our notes covered the last chunk of Egyptian history, looking at the New Kingdom to the Roman take over. 

PowerPoint Slides: 3 – The New Kingdom, Greek Period, and Roman Period PPT

Wednesday September 27th

Today we continued our notes on the Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom. Students were given time to finish their map assignments.

Tuesday September 26th

Today we began notes on the Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom. Students were given time to complete their Egypt Maps. A reminder to students who were at Mt. St. Helen’s that Journals and Art Research Projects are due tomorrow.

PowerPoint Slides: 2 – The Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom PPT

Monday September 25th

Today students begin Unit 2. We will begin a Map Assignment which will be due on Wednesday September 26th. We will have time in tomorrow’s class and a bit on Wednesday to finish it off.

Unit 2 Outline: Unit 2 Student Outline

PowerPoint Slides: 1 – Intro to Egypt PPT

Student Note Page: Intro to Ancient Egypt Student Notes

Map Assignment Criteria: Ancient Egypt blank map

Friday September 22nd

Students were given one last day to work on their Art Research Project and their Journal. Both assignments are due Monday. Student who were finished work watched “PBS: Building Pharaoh’s Chariot”.

Journal Criteria: Cumulative Learning Journal

Thursday September 21st

Students were given back their quizzes. Re-test will be available for students who got a mark of 17 or lower on Monday at lunch. More time was given for the Art Research Project.

Wednesday September 20th

After finishing the quiz students were given time to work on their Art Research Project.

Art Research Project Outline: Art Research Project

Tuesday September 19th

Today we talked about Prehistoric Art. Students also were given time to review for the quiz tomorrow.

PowerPoint Slides: 9 – Prehistoric Art PPT

Monday September 18th

Today we discussed Prehistoric Society and Culture, looking at the changes from Neanderthal, the Great Leap Forward, to the Neolithic Revolution. I also handed out the criteria for our first unit Journal which will be due next Monday September 25th.

Neanderthal Notes: Prehistoric Society and Culture

Prehistoric Society & Culture PowerPoint: 8 – Prehistoric Society and Culture PPT

Journal Criteria Sheet: Cumulative Learning Journal

Friday September 15th

Today we finished our notes on the Theory of Evolution and then participated in a discussion about faith and science. I also handed out an outline for our Quiz on WEDNESDAY. (Originally quiz was to be Tuesday)

Video by Bishop Robert Barron on “Misreading Genesis”:

Quiz Outline: Unit 1 Quiz Outline

Thursday September 14th

Today we discussed the Theory of Evolution and students created a timeline of Darwin’s development of the theory. I also handed out a quiz outline for the quiz on Tuesday.

PowerPoint Notes: 3 – Human Evolutionary Development PPT

Student Notes: Evolution Student Note Page

Wednesday September 13th

Today students examined various Creation Myths and discussed their purpose for cultures. Responses were due at the end of class or emailed to me by the end of the day.

Creation Myth Booklet: Creation Myths From Various Spiritual Traditions & Religions

Monday September 11th and Tuesday September 12th

While I was away at camp students worked hard on their Archaeological Dig Projects. Please email them to me if you haven’t already! (

Friday September 8th

Today students discussed “How do we know what we know about the past?” Attached below: PowerPoint Outline, Student note page, and Archaeological Dig Project Outline. Reminder that I will be away Monday and Tuesday, students will be using ChromeBooks to complete their projects on their own or in groups of 2. Gr. 12’s who are at Grade 8 camp will be given an extension and adapted version of the project when they return on Wednesday.

*A reminder that the Archaeological Dig Project is NOT a presentation. Students may choose the format of the project (PowerPoint, Poster board, written response, 3D model) as long as they include all aspects required and meet the criteria as specified on the rubric.*

PowerPoint Notes: 2. How do we know what we know about the past?

Student Note Page: The Searchers Note Page

DUE WEDNESDAY: Archaeological Dig Project Outline: ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIG PROJECT Outline Rubric (1)

Thursday September 7th

Today students discussed “What is a civilization? What is a culture?” PowerPoint notes, student note page and assignment attached below. Students were given time in class to answer the questions at the end of the reading “March of Civilizations”. Anything not completed was to be homework and should be handed in on Thursday!

PowerPoint  Notes: 1 – What is a Civilization. What is Culture PPT

Student Note Page: What is Civilization Note Page

March of Civilizations: March of Civilizations Notes and Qs

Wednesday September 6th

Today in class students explored the 4 Big Ideas of our course, posters are pictured below. We also went over the Course Outline (attached). Student must return the email permission form!

COURSE OUTLINE: Student Course Outline